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Innovative breaks for your meeting: timing breaks well

In the words of the German lyricist Damaris Wieser, ‘More is said during the breaks than in a meeting’. Even if this theory seems a little exaggerated, it is true that break structuring plays a major role in the planning of meetings and yet is often neglected. Breaks during meetings are the ideal opportunity for participants to clear their minds, network and chat about something other than their work. We will show you why you should factor breaks into your plans and introduce the Innovative Breaks concept from Pullman.

Break times in a normal working day and a meeting

Breaks are indispensable in a normal working day – this goes for everyday work at a desk and meetings alike. If you work on without a break, you are not doing yourself or anyone else any favours. A lack of breaks leads to concentration problems, lack of motivation, tiredness and a higher propensity for mistakes. Overwork can also result in increased irritability which your colleagues will have to put up with too. Avoid developing these symptoms of stress by dividing your working day into blocks and integrating breaks strategically.


A good general rule:

·       5-minute break after 45 minutes

·       10-minute break after one and a half hours

·       30-minute break after 4 hours


These times are meant as a rough guideline and can be adapted to suit the individual or the situation. The most important thing is that breaks are used properly. It is not helpful to spend your ‘break’ at your work station or in a meeting room. Seek a change of scene to let your mind wander. The best thing is a walk in the fresh air, although even short walks in the office, limbering-up exercises or closing your eyes for one to two minutes can help you switch off and make you more productive throughout the day.


The perfect break: a light snack and exercise


If you are planning a meeting with food and drink, you should select the catering carefully. Avoid heavy foods if you want to keep the productivity of your participants high. During the short breaks, provide your participants with fresh, raw fruit and vegetables instead of snacks and pastries. The carotenoids and vitamins C and E they contain act as antioxidants and improve the performance of the brain. Avoiding the obligatory cups of coffee in a meeting can also boost your endurance. Serve your participants a selection of teas instead. Like coffee, black and green teas contain caffeine, although its effects are different. Whereas coffee stimulates the brain quickly for a short period of time, tea delivers its revitalising effects more slowly but for longer.


Breathe and start again with Innovative Breaks from Pullman


Innovative Breaks from Pullman is a break concept that can be adapted to suit the schedule of your meeting and your corporate culture. A general programme for your meeting, it gives your participants the opportunity to network and to refuel their bodies and minds. For example, provide the participants in your meeting with maximum relaxation with a wellness break: including sliced fruit, freshly squeezed juices and teas and even a neck massage. Alternatively, stimulate your body with a little exercise during the break with some idyllic driving. In a golf simulator for beginners and experienced players alike, your participants can practise their drive or putt – no golf clubs required.


We offer truly special Innovative Breaks in our Pullman Hotel Berlin Schweizerhof. For example, join the meeting participants on a Trabant Safari and take a tour of the German capital in a bright red cabriolet or a blue limousine. Alternatively, set out on an expedition into the animal kingdom at Berlin Zoo, one of the most diverse zoos in the world and just a five-minute walk from the hotel.

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