Legal information and photo credits


1. Limit of liability

The content and images on this website have been put together with the greatest possible care by the service provider. The service provide shall not however undertake any liability for any errors other than those caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Simply visiting the website does not constitute a contractual relationship, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

All of the photographs and documents used to illustrate the products on this website are absolutely non-binding and do not constitute any obligation on the provider whatsoever.

2. External links

The links on this website leading to other websites hosted by other companies or third parties (“external links”) are provided exclusively for the benefit of users. When users follow these links, they leave this website and with it the area of responsibility of its service provider. Websites belonging to other companies or third parties are subject to the liability of their providers. The content of external websites is checked for obvious legal and ethical violations when links are set up, but this website’s service provider nevertheless has absolutely no way of regularly checking or influencing the way the content of those external sites might be in the future. External links will be deleted if we come to know about any legal or ethical violations. Furthermore, if this website’s service provider uses external links, it does not constitute the adoption or approval of anyone else’s viewpoint or ideas, or of the content of external websites.

3. Copyright and neighbouring rights

The content published on this website is subject to German copyright and neighbouring rights. Any usage thereof that contravenes German copyright and neighbouring rights requires prior written permission from the provider or the owner of the rights involved. This applies in particular to reproduction, processing, translating, storing and handing content in databases or other electronic media or systems. Third party content and rights are marked as such. Reproducing or passing on part or all of the content of any of the pages without permission is forbidden and is a punishable offence. Only copies and downloads destined for personal, private, non-commercial use is permitted.

This website may only be presented in external frames with written permission.

4. Data privacy

Personal information:

As well as complying with the legal regulations, this service provider is committed to the “Charter for the Protection of Personal Customer Details”. This Charter describes the terms and conditions of the use of personal information relating to users by the ACCOR Group. Its “7 Principles” are basic rules used by the ACCOR Group and ACCOR subsidiaries all over the world.

The service provider only uses and processes personal information collected from customers if it has the customer’s permission to do so, or if the law permits it to do so.

To contact the Data Privacy Officer:

Non-personal information:

Some data may be collected as soon as you visit this website (e.g. pages visited, time, date). These details are anonymous and therefore non-personal.

5. Photo credits:

Photothèque Accor: Serge Detalle, Ingrid Jost-Freie, Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin, Daniel Beldent, Emmanuel Reyboz, Stéfan Kraus, Jacques Yves Gucia, Imagin Reportage, Armin Okulla, Christoph Weiss, Oliver Vosshage, Carola Brandenburg, Soenne, Philippe Wang, Bernd Seydel kab-vision, Manfred Steinbach, blina, Frank, Jörg Engel, thorabeti, S. Hagenbusch Christian Rummel Barbara Boensch

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